Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Who we are and What These Licence Terms Do

We are Utilita Energy Limited, of Hutwood Court, Bournemouth Road, Chandler's Ford, Eastleigh SO53 3QB, registered in England – 04849181.

We licence you to use our website portal (My Utilita Business) on these Terms (Portal Terms). You must tick the box(es) at the end of these Portal Terms to confirm that you agree to them before you can use My Utilita Business. These Portal Terms supplement the Standard Terms and Privacy Information Notice applicable to your account which you can access by following this link: https://utilita.co.uk/terms. Together we refer to these as the "Terms". Using My Utilita Business includes accessing the functionality contained in the portal via any device.

The Standard Terms will apply if there are differences between the Standard Terms and the Portal Terms.

The app store from where you downloaded our App may also have its own policies and rules. If there are differences between the app store terms and these Terms, these Terms will apply.

You must be over 16 years of age to download and use our App.

By accepting these Terms, you may view and use My Utilita Business on any device for the purposes of managing your business’ energy account. Any updates or upgrades we offer will also be available on these Terms.

Your Use of My Utilita Business

Before you use My Utilita Business, you will need to create an account. My Utilita Business uses your email address to provide the services. Your email address cannot be used more than once for any additional Utilita energy account that you may have with us. You can change your email address once you’ve registered by calling our customer services team. If you change your email address, your login details will also change.

In order to access My Utilita Business, you can either follow the link presented in your welcome email or request an email invitation by entering your email address into the My Utilita Business login screen. We will send you an email invitation with a link so you can set up your account. If the email you give us does not match the one that we have on your energy account, then you will not receive an email invitation. You will need to sign up to My Utilita Business with the email address, customer reference number and full business name that we hold on your account. Your login details for future use will be your email address and your password, created at sign up. All users who are registered to the account will have full access to the My Utilita Business functionality including the ability to view and change your information and view e-cards.

Registration notifications related to any additional users will be sent to the email address linked to your account.

We make reasonable efforts to provide you with up to date information but the information on My Utilita Business may differ from the information held on your account.

My Utilita Business Functionality

My Utilita Business allows you to view and manage aspects of your account with us. It allows you to view, download and pay for your bills and manage charges on your account via the online payment system. It will also allow you to view mini-statements, view your payment history (including any refunds or credits), your billed energy consumption usage (in kWhs or pounds sterling) and current estimated consumption usage. You can also submit meter readings and view Billpay e-cards that will allow you to make payments towards your account.

Your current account balance may be an estimate of your energy consumption charges, based upon actual or estimated meter readings available and any recent payments or credits received after the last bill was generated. This will be different from the amount that will be showing on your next bill.

We will let you know when new functionality becomes available.

We may send you email copies of any notifications received on your My Utilita Business account. Notifications may include reminders for meter readings or payment due dates and updates for when your bill is ready to view.

You can find out more information about our services, how you can pay outstanding charges, how the online payment system operates, and how you can manage your account with us by reading our Standard Terms or viewing our Codes of Practice.

Where you are using My Utilita Business for the benefit of the primary account holder, you must do so with their full knowledge and consent. If you are not the primary account holder, you must have the account owner's permission before you access the account or pay any bills using My Utilita Business.

To access and use My Utilita Business and receive real-time notifications about your account, you will need to be connected to the internet. You may be charged by a third party for the internet connection used to access My Utilita Business, this may include roaming charges if you are using My Utilita Business abroad or using a smart device such as a mobile phone or tablet. Please make sure you have the smart device bill payer's permission before incurring these charges. If you lose your internet connection whilst accessing My Utilita Business you may not be able to continue accessing it, transactions may be interrupted and the information you see on My Utilita Business may not be accurate or up to date.

We are not responsible for any of the My Utilita Business functionality not being available because you do not have an internet connection or any available data allowance on your device.

We are not responsible for any failure or delay in managing a payment due to your failure to maintain the internet-connection, battery of the device or other connection issue. It is your responsibility to ensure that you pay for your energy in good time, we are not responsible if you fail to do so. Your energy supply may be interrupted if you do not make payments to your account in good time.

You must own, or have permission from the owner of, the device to use My Utilita Business. You cannot transfer My Utilita Business to anyone else.

We are committed to ensuring that My Utilita Business is as useful and efficient as possible, but My Utilita Business does not replace your Smart Energy Monitor (where you have one).

Please take care when entering any meter readings and dates of the meter readings online, to ensure that you have copied the values correctly. We will not always be able to check this with you, but we are entitled to assume that data you have entered online are correct and issue bills accordingly. You may enter one meter reading, per register, per meter, per day.

Restrictions on your Use

You must not:

  • use My Utilita Business to generate income;
  • use My Utilita Business in an unlawful manner, for an unlawful purpose or in a way that is inconsistent with these Terms;
  • infringe our intellectual property rights, or the intellectual property rights of any third parties in relation to your use of My Utilita Business;
  • transmit any information that is defamatory, offensive or objectionable in relation to your use of My Utilita Business;
  • use My Utilita Business in a way that could damage or compromise our systems or security, or that could interfere with other users;
  • collect or harvest any information or data from My Utilita Business or our systems or attempt to decipher any transmissions to or from the servers running My Utilita Business; and/or
  • abuse or use My Utilita Business for any fraudulent activity for your own or any other persons benefit.

If you do any of the above, your right to access and use My Utilita Business will cease immediately.

Your Privacy

We explain what personal data we collect and what we use it for in our Privacy Information Notice which you can access here: https://utilita.co.uk/privacy and the following additional terms apply when using My Utilita Business and online services.

If you change any information we hold about you on My Utilita Business, it may automatically record this, to help us keep your My Utilita Business account up to date. This will not automatically update the information we hold about you in our main systems, so please make sure you get in touch to let us know about important changes.

We will use the meter readings that you provide via My Utilita Business and your bills will be calculated based on these readings. If we cannot get actual meter readings from you, we may need to estimate your usage.

When you use the online payment functionality, you agree that we may retain relevant payment information and share this with third parties to enable the payments to be processed securely. If you register with the online payment service, they will hold your details so that you do not need to re-enter details each time you use the functionality. You can opt to make guest payments, if you would prefer for My Utilita Business not to save your payment details. If you use your camera to enable the payment, please read the additional privacy information which is set out in our Paying for your Energy Code of Practice.

My Utilita Business uses two types of cookies (an XSS cookie and a session cookie). A cookie is a small file of letters and numbers that we put onto your device. The session cookies support your use of My Utilita Business whilst logged in and enables you to use its functionality. We also use "analytical cookies" which give us important information about your usage to help us to continue to improve My Utilita Business.

The online payment system uses its own cookies to distinguish individual users, which are different to the cookies in My Utilita Business. Details of these cookies can be found at https://utilita.co.uk/terms.

My Utilita Business may contain links to other websites that are not provided by us, and that we have no control over. It is your choice to use these websites – and we are not responsible. We recommend you check the content or privacy policies (if any) before you use any other website.

Your Security

Whilst we encrypt data, internet transmissions are never completely private or secure, and any information you send using My Utilita Business may be read or intercepted by others.

Because My Utilita Business gives you access to your account, and the online payment system, you must keep your mobile device secure and close, or log out of, My Utilita Business if you are not using it. You are responsible for keeping all passwords and login details secure and confidential. If you suspect that someone else has access to your account, please contact us immediately. The conditions relating to payment instructions set out in your Standard Terms apply.

Whilst we take reasonable precautions, we do not guarantee that My Utilita Business, the online payment system, or any other services are free from viruses, and we recommend that you protect your own phone or device using anti-virus software.

Intellectual property rights

We are the owner or licensor of all intellectual property rights in My Utilita Business and the materials published on it and we reserve all our rights. The online payment system is made available under licence. If you comply with these Terms, we grant you a limited, non-exclusive and non-transferable right to use My Utilita Business and access the online payment system solely for your own personal use. You may only take a copy of content from My Utilita Business or the online payment system for the purposes of managing your business’ energy account.

Where My Utilita Business includes open-source software, it is licenced on those terms.

Support for the Portal

If you are having difficulties accessing My Utilita Business or if you would like to speak to someone about your account, please contact our Business Customer Service Team by email or by phone.

If we need to contact you, we will do so by email, by SMS or by a notification message using the contact details you have provided to us. If you do not want us to contact you electronically, please tell our Business Customer Services Team who will update your account preferences. It is important that you keep us updated with any changes to your contact details.

Changes to My Utilita Business and these Portal Terms

My Utilita Business is currently provided free of charge, but we may need to introduce a charge for it, or some of its services. If we do introduce charges for My Utilita Business, we will notify you in advance.

Sometimes we need to change these Portal Terms to reflect changes in the law or best practice. Please check these Portal Terms every time you use My Utilita Business to make sure you fully understand the terms and conditions that apply. We will let you know about any changes in a reasonable time before they take effect. But if the change is to your benefit, we may make the change and tell you afterwards. The new terms may be displayed on-screen or you may be required to read and accept them to continue your use of My Utilita Business.

What we can do if you break these Terms

If you do not comply with these Terms we may stop you from accessing and using My Utilita Business. We will tell you in advance if this happens, unless we are required to revoke your access in an emergency.

Paying via the Online Payment System

The performance and functionality of the online payment system may vary. We do not guarantee that the online payment system, or any content on it, will be free from errors or that the service will always be available and uninterrupted. The online payment system may suspend or change all or any part of it without notice and which may restrict your ability to make a payment. It is your responsibility to allow sufficient time to make an alternative payment when topping up your account. We are not responsible for any losses or charges incurred by you as a result of the unavailability of the online payment system.

You must not abuse or fraudulently use the online payment system, or any of the functionality within My Utilita Business. You must take care when inputting information into My Utilita Business or the online payment system to use the correct account and payment details.

Our Liability to You

We do not limit our liability to you for death or personal injury arising out of our negligence or fraudulent misrepresentation.

We are only responsible for foreseeable loss or damage that is caused by our failure to comply with these Terms, or where we do not use reasonable skill and care. If you suffer loss as a result of our failure under these Terms, our total aggregate liability to you for all claims is limited to £10,000 for any one event or series of connected events in any 12-month period.

We are not responsible for unforeseeable losses, or any other loss or damage that you may incur which is not an obvious consequence of our failure, or where the failure is due to circumstances that are beyond our reasonable control. We are not responsible for any indirect, special or consequential losses you may suffer, including but not limited to any business losses or disruption to business activities carried out at the Premises. If you hand your device to any of our personnel whilst we are providing services, we are not liable for any accidental loss or damage they may cause unless such damage is wilfully caused.

We are not responsible to you for any loss or damage that you may incur if:

  • My Utilita Business or any communication via My Utilita Business (such as SMS or email communications) is unavailable or contains errors; or
  • you are unable to access My Utilita Business because of any third-party service provider (such as any mobile phone operator, internet provider or engineer); or
  • you provide or input incorrect or inaccurate information required for the use of the online payment system services for example providing the incorrect energy reference account number or payment details

These terms shall be governed by the laws of England and Wales and disputes arising shall be dealt with by the English courts. If the address of the Premises is in Scotland, your statutory rights are not affected.